The first step is to express our regret to the customer. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, as this was a mistake in our work. I will immediately organize an internal investigation and provide you with feedback within three days.
Step 2, tell the client that we will have a detailed meeting tomorrow to discuss this case. Could you please help share more information with us? For example, the situation of product damage, quantity, and availability of photos would be more ideal. We will immediately study a solution to prevent such a situation from happening again. Thank you.
Step three, continue to provide quick responses to synchronize the investigation and research progress.
Step 4: How to solve these problems, how to improve production and quality control processes, create detailed plans, and make PPTs.
The fifth step is to study how to solve the current case, how to compensate or replenish, and after selecting several solutions, we will discuss again.
First class service is often reflected in processes and crises.

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