What is the size? 
How many quantities? 
What package? 

Sending samples to foreign customers is usually one of the effective ways to open up sales channels, gain customer attention, and open the door to formal orders.
So many foreign trade salespeople are overjoyed when they receive a customer’s request for a sample, feeling that there will be a scene ahead. After a burst of excitement, they can’t wait to send the sample to the customer. However, customers often receive samples without any further communication, even if the specifications of the samples are confirmed to meet the customer’s requirements. What are these all for?
There are many methods and techniques worth learning from to facilitate order transactions through sending samples!

There should also be different processing plans based on the target customer level and nature classification.
A for new customers.
A1 can first evaluate the situation of this customer and the expected order quantity. If the cost is not high, consider self-digestion. If unable to afford it, we can discuss with the customer to bear all or part of the cost.
A2 formulates the company’s sample policy (mandatory). Any customer will be charged a courier fee or sample fee. But I promise to deduct this cost from the total payment when customers place orders in the future.
For old and important customers.
As long as the sample fee is not significant, it should be borne by the supplier. If the sample fee is high, we can discuss it with the customer and request that the buyer bear the sample fee or bear a portion of the sample fee, but at the same time, we should indicate whether it can be refunded if the customer places an order. When the order reaches a certain quantity, it can be fully refunded.
C customized samples are tailored to meet the special requirements of some customers.
The customer bears the sample fee and the courier fee. At the same time, the customer should bear the miscellaneous expenses incurred due to customization by the customer: plate-making fees, operating fees, packaging fees, etc.

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