1. Search the entire network as much as possible to understand the customer’s background, strength, sales model, email, and other contact information, to enhance the possibility of later contact.

2. After having a basic understanding, you can recommend products that are more suitable for customers to showcase your professionalism and increase your chances of becoming a supplier.

3. There are many types of overseas buyers, including large purchasers, intermediaries, end sellers, and self-employed individuals. Different customer attributes have different pricing plans and communication skills.

4. In addition, it is necessary to judge the attributes of the inquiry recipient based on their position and speaking power and find key decision-making talents who can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

5. Providing customers with clear answers can effectively enhance their impression. Do not repeatedly inquire about what is stated in the customer’s inquiry to avoid feeling disrespectful.

6.If it is a large customer with strong purchasing power, it can be appropriately reported as high
The point at the price, otherwise it will be lower
If customers are very familiar with this product and price, they should focus on highlighting the advantages of their own products and the disadvantages of their peers; Otherwise, the price can be appropriately raised
If the customer’s personality is not fond of bargaining, it is best to show their bottom line from the beginning to avoid bidding high prices and scaring away the customer

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