The phrase ‘productize oneself’ has two key points, one is’ oneself ‘and the other is’ productization’.
‘oneself’ has unique characteristics, and ‘productization’ is to leverage the effect; Self has a sense of responsibility, and productization requires expertise. Therefore, these two key points can summarize all the concepts mentioned above. If you want to achieve your long-term goal of becoming rich, you should ask yourself, “Is this what I really want? Is my planning goal what I really want
After obtaining a positive answer, ask yourself, “Have I achieved productization? Have I achieved scale? Do I choose to scale through labor, capital, code, or media
It is difficult to ‘productize oneself’, which may take decades, but it does not take decades to execute, but rather to spend most of the time thinking:

What unique value can I provide?

How much responsibility can I take on?

What levers can I use to pry?

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