Dear Customer,
I’m sorry to hear that! Please believe me, I really didn’t know this problem would occur. When I was in the company, I strictly placed orders according to your requirements, and the production orders were clearly marked with quality standards and requirements. I really didn’t expect a quality problem to occur
I just called my previous manager to inquire, and he told me that the company has changed suppliers this year, which may be due to material issues. I speculate that your customer complaint may be caused by materials (perhaps find a reason like this to pave the way…)
To be honest, the reason why I left the company before was because I discovered many big and small problems with the company and still owed my salary (if any). I wasn’t happy with what I did, so I left. But I really didn’t expect your order to go wrong. For me, you are a very nice customer, so I have always focused on your needs, and I really didn’t expect this problem to occur, If I were still at xx company, I would definitely go and negotiate compensation with you. Now that I have left the company, I don’t have that much authority. I just called my previous manager and asked if he could provide you with some compensation. He said he can’t decide on this matter, and I’ll see from the company’s feedback
Mr. X, thank you very much for your trust in me. To be honest, I also feel guilty about this matter. You said you trusted me to place the order, but now there is a problem with the order, and I cannot solve it for you I’m really, really sorry.
I have an idea. If you can still trust me, I can help you purchase some products for free without making any money from you, in order to make up for my guilt towards you. Do you think it’s okay?
I don’t know any better way besides that. To be honest, I just started my business and didn’t have the money to compensate you. Otherwise, I would definitely give you some compensation. This is the best suggestion I can think of for you now. What do you think?
If you have anything else I can do for you, please feel free to speak up and do your best to provide you with the best support!!

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