[ Top tier & Free Frameo App ]. This digital picture frame uses one of the top-tier professional photo and video sharing Apps —” Frameo “. It has been used by millions of users worldwide for several years. It has a clear & easy guide for every step to set up and operate, It is easy for both kids and elderly people. It receives and sends pictures and videos ( video length can be up to 15 seconds ) instantly. The software would always work very stable and would be upgraded to a new version periodically. What’s more, it is free and no subscription fee.

[ Privacy protected, Safety assured ]. When you use this digital photo frame, not any private information is required. No need email address, or Facebook account. You just connect the Frameo App & picture frame through wifi and you can enjoy sending or receiving pictures/videos privately, with no worry about private information leakage. The Frameo App is available for both IOS and Android system phones.

[ unique gift for keeping better relationships]. Your loved ones would be quite excited when they get such an elegant wifi digital picture frame on holidays such as Christmas, Valentine, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day ..etc. This is a unique gift for your loved ones, you can share photos/videos, happiness, and keep better relationships. Well packed in a sturdy color gift box, you can present it as a gift directly.

[ Special features: wooden frame, touch screen, big storage, auto rotation pictures.] This frameo 10.1-inch smart wifi digital photo frame has a golden wooden frame which differentiates it from those without wooden frames and it can better match your furniture. It has 16 GB memory storage, you can upload as many pictures/videos as you can, about 40000 pictures. It is quite comfortable to operate on the TIPS touchscreen. The pictures/videos would be crystal clear on this high-resolution 1280 * 800 IPS LCD screen. No magnifying glass is needed for elderly people. You can put the frame either vertically or landscape model, the pictures would be rotated automatically.

[ Satisfied customer service ]. There are over millions of users using this free ” Frameo ” app, this is proof of the software’s quality. The system is very stable and would be upgraded periodically. Every wifi digital photo frame has been strictly inspected before shipment. We are confident you would be happy. If there is any quality issue within 180 days, it can be refunded.

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