Share and display photos and short videos from your smartphone wherever you are in the world with the Jackson Frameo 15.6-inch WiFi Digital Photo Frame. Smart and easy to use, the photo frame shows the pictures or video clips within seconds along with your chosen caption and emoji.

Simple Operation
A breeze to set up simply pairs the WiFi Digital Photo Frame with the Frameo app (download required) to start sharing your favorite moments. It has a touchscreen interface, making sure everything you need for creating personalized slideshows is within reach.

Versatile Installation

The WiFi Digital Photo Frame rotates in landscape or portrait mode depending on your picture’s original orientation. You can stand the frame up via its desktop stand or mount it onto a wall using the mounting holes on its rear.

Decide Who Shares

As the owner of the digital photo frame, you can decide who you would like to receive photos from. Create and share a code with your loved ones, so that they can share their favorite moments with you as well.

A Perfect Gift Idea
The Frameo 15.6-inch Digital Photo Frame is a great personal gift that can be shared across every generation. Surprise your friends and loved ones with a precious gift, where you won’t miss out on seeing their important milestones or everyday great moments.

What’s In The Box?
1x 15.6-inch Photo Frame
1x Desktop Stand
1x AC Power Adapter

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