Why choose Frameo?

Easy to set up and use – even by people who are not used to computers or social media.

Kept simple to ensure the best user experience. No unnecessary features that confuse the users, unlike many other photo frames.

The Frameo software represents a low barrier of entry to a growing market of smart displays. Brand holders can get started quickly with well-tested and popular software.


Share Happiness Instantly

The digital photo frame can be paired with a cell phone after being plugged in and connected to WIFI. The phone uploads photos and videos to the frame via the app “Frameo”, available on iOS and Android. It’s so easy to share the happiness.

Slideshow Function

The digital picture frame can be set in slideshow mode as a way to play each of your uploaded photos.

Auto rotate & Wall Mountable

The Wifi digital picture frame can automatically rotate the photo adaptive screen according to gravity sensing. The package contains a photo frame stand, so you can place the frame as you like. There are two holes at the back of the frame that allow you to hang it on the wall.

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