Share and display photos and short videos from your smartphone wherever you are in the world with the Jackson Frameo 10.1-inch WiFi Digital Photo Frame. Smart and easy to use, the photo frame shows the pictures or video clips within seconds along with your chosen caption and emoji.

Add new glow to old memories with Frameo digital photo video frame
RadiantColor is an exclusive Philips technology for displaying smaller photos in the optimal 4:3 ratio by extending the color on the edges of a less-than-full-screen photo to the sides of the screen, eliminating black bars and aspect ratio distortion.

Automatic slideshow from USB or memory card
Automatic slideshows start from any USB drive or memory card for all those moments you don’t want to spend time copying photos to your PhotoFrame.

Auto photo orientation to fit portrait or landscape modes
Automatic landscape/portrait recognition employs a sensor that recognizes PhotoFrame orientation and displays each photo in its proper mode.

Have fun with collages: display multiple photos in one view
It’s a slideshow effect to show photos in collage form that automatically and randomly compiles different photos together to avoid unattractive borders that may result from photos that are smaller than the screen size.

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