HD touch screen and engaging resolution
The digital photo frame provides a sensitive touch screen, which allows you to directly touch the screen, which is more convenient to operate, without a remote control, so you don’t need to worry about losing the remote control. 1280×800 resolution, can support up to 1080P picture and video display, giving you a more comfortable and real visual experience.

Fast connection and pairing

After power on, find your wifi, then enter the password to connect.

Download the free Frameo APP

(Android-Google play—“frameo”,

IOS—APP Store—“frameo”)

Add Friend—enter code—pairing is successful.

Then you could send the photos and videos.

Compatible with Frameo APP
Frameo digital photo frame is compatible with the most widely used Frameo APP, you only need to download and install it in Google play or APP Store, without paying any subscription fees and other additional fees. Upgrading updates also don’t cost any money.

Support WIFI to transfer pictures and videos
The digital picture frame not only supports WIFI transmission of pictures and videos from multiple users, just send it from the application “Frameo”, it can be displayed on the digital photo frame, and it can also directly play the contents of the micro SD card. In addition, you can back up the digital photo frame at any time to prevent data loss, and you can also export the pictures to the micro SD card at any time.

Auto-rotate function and flexible Placement
The digital photo frame with can be placed on the front or side as needed to meet the display needs of different photos and videos. At the same time, users can also place the photo frame on any counter top or install the photo frame on the wall, and play pictures and videos at any time to decorate the life and interior.

Built-in 16GB memory
This WiFi digital photo frame has a built-in 16GB memory which can support more than 40000 photos(300KB/pc) and 15s videos(Mp4 only). And if need more memory space, it also supports micro SD card (up to 32GB), you could directly insert the micro SD card that save the pictures and videos, and the photo frame can recognize and play them inside, making it more convenient to import and export data.

Add Caption and emoji interactions
This WiFi Smart Digital Photo Frame allows you to add the title/message when sending pictures, and the recipient can interact with you in a friendly way by clicking on different emojis, making the photo display more personalized and interesting.

More Useful Functions
In addition to playing pictures and videos, the digital photo frame can also set sleep mode,hide/delete images, display titles, adjust brightness,respond to pictures, switch on and off at regular intervals.

The best gift for you choose
For holidays or important days, you can choose a digital picture frame as a gift for your family and friends, surprise them by sharing photos and videos, it is a meaningful and warm gift.

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