Do I need to inform the customer as soon as there is a problem with the product?
What should the salesperson do if the boss refuses to speak up and requests to conceal this matter?
My suggestion for this is to analyze the specific issues in detail.
Firstly, it is important to understand where the problem with the product lies and whether customers can easily detect it? If discovered, what is the biggest harm and the worst outcome? From the customer’s perspective
Secondly, regarding the issue of fluke mentality, I believe that if there are some minor flaws in inconspicuous areas that do not affect the use, aesthetics, and safety of the product, it can be suppressed first and there is no need to honestly inform the customer in the first place – otherwise, if rework is required due to minor errors, the company will suffer losses [from the company’s perspective]
Finally, in order to cultivate customers into regular customers, it is necessary to improve the product and oneself while minimizing problems and causing less trouble for customers. For example, errors that do not affect the delivery time and can be completely digested internally do not need to be reported to the customer from a personal perspective
In addition, in response to the boss’s request for concealment, but the product issue cannot be concealed at all,
I suggest cutting it first and acting later, sending an email to the customer first, informing them of the problem and how long it will take for us to rework. Please ask the other party to understand and create a fait accompli;
Once the leader finds out and blames me, he/she apologizes to the leader, saying that he/she was not thoughtful and should be calm and capable, and then states that he/she will think twice before taking action next time.
Excellent salespeople know how to balance the interests of the company, customers, and individuals.

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