Based on the overall information, the customer is still hesitant about the order.

He analyzes the entire market and believes that there is too much competition.

Many Chinese manufacturers will set up local offices, warehouses, and sell directly, with a one-year warranty period. At the current stage of price decline, customers feel that there is a risk.

This is the information we have extracted. For customers who are concerned and hesitant, what we can do is not only to reduce the price, but also to suggest the following:

1: Understood the customer’s concerns, expressed that the market has indeed been poor in the past two years, and many companies have been affected. It is just said that the company needs to operate, even if it is difficult, you will persist, and you believe that the market will gradually improve.
2: What can you do for him regarding the current situation? Is he hoping to stop and wait, not in a hurry to place an order? Or do you want you to negotiate a price for him again?
3: I understand you, indicating that no matter what choice he makes, you will support him. If he wishes to wait and see again, you will understand him and will not push him. If it’s just because he is worried about the price and cannot sell, you will try to apply to the company. Although you cannot guarantee whether there is space, you are willing to give him a try.

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