I am not good at bargaining, and besides, we have been working together for many years. You also have a good understanding of our quality standards and cooperation. Therefore, when I gave you a quote last time, I directly quoted you the best possible price without any reserved space. Originally, according to the conventional quotation strategy, it would be better to gradually lower the price for you, but based on our previous cooperation, we both have a certain understanding, Our frank style tells me that being sincere and straightforward in one step is the most efficient way to show our sincerity, are you right? So this price is indeed the maximum support we can provide you with. Can you consider accepting it through internal comprehensive evaluation?
There is indeed not much room for price. If possible, I will see if I can provide you with some benefits in other aspects (using a one-time small favor to lower the customer’s level) – finally, whether to talk about this now or wait for the customer to reply to you, it’s up to you to grasp.

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