To do business, one must be honest and have their own principles and stance, which is right.But you also need to know how to divide and combine, and know which side you are from!

Why should we serve our customers well?

Why should we assist even in matters unrelated to our own order, as long as the customer has a request?

That’s because we hope to establish personal relationships with clients outside of work and complete a dual track connection, that’s all.

For example, if I am working on a frame o digital photo frame and a customer wants to purchase red dot sight and wants me to recommend a supplier, should I help?

Of course, as long as I have resources and connections in this area, I can naturally share them with him.

For example, if a client needs to pay a patent fee to a Chinese agent company and there is a problem with the payment, they would like me to help pay in RMB.

Can they give me a private account in USD?

Of course, it’s all a piece of cake and we definitely need to arrange it immediately.

For example, if the client has a plan to visit a certain supplier in China and has no intention of meeting me this time, they would like me to arrange an invitation letter for them to apply for a visa. Should I agree?

Of course, even if he doesn’t come to my end, I will do some paper work for him and not shift the blame to others. This is what friends should do.

These things are not done silently, but every action and step can be seen by customers, and they are not troublesome, nor can they harm their own interests.

What if it involves disputes with other products, orders, or payments?

So be smart and think clearly, the opportunity is here!The customer has had problems with other suppliers, and my service, professionalism, and efficiency are in his eyes. Has my tall image further strengthened?

Will he entrust many projects to me because he is disappointed with others?

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