Receive wonderful photos from friends and family with the frameo WiFi Picture Frame with built-in Frameo software. Use the free app (Android & iOS) to send photos and a short caption directly from your smartphone to the frameo smart wifi Picture Frame – wherever you are in the world. The photos will appear on the frame within seconds, so you can enjoy the moments as they happen. With its 16 GB of memory the frame can store up to 40,000 photos. The frame features a rich and colorful touchscreen that makes it a joy to see your photos and easy for everyone to use.

Let family and friends send you photos right from their smartphone with free app (Frameo).
Digital photo frame comes with the powerful photo management app Frameo, which is available for both Android and IOS with users in 25+ countries around the world.

User-friendly interface and design make it super easy to use.
Only a few steps to complete the setup.
The micro USB port and micro SD card slot provide you more options for file storage and management.
Multi-function customized settings.
Much more secure than sharing photos via email.
Beautiful 10″ picture frame pairs Wi-Fi technology with style.

High-resolution touch screen and super clear brightness, can display amazing clear and vivid landscape and portraits, recalling your precious memories.
Browse through photos, delete videos, or pause the slideshow, with a quick tap of the finger.
Stores up to 40,000 photos with 16 GB of memory.
Fun and sophisticated way to show off your memories.
LED backlight display conserves energy and delivers superior image quality.

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