Frameo smart wifi digital photo frame is a black digital picture frame with a 10.1-inch IPS screen. The special feature of the Frameo is that you can use a smartphone app to wirelessly place photos on the Frameo.

Place the Frameo centrally in your living room and enjoy the most beautiful photos taken by you and your family. Operation is very easy, due to the touch-sensitive screen and the Android operating system.

The HD resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels ensures sharp and vivid pictures. The dimensions of the screen are 21.5×13.3 cm. Including the border, the Frameo measures 26,3×18,3 cm. The Frameo is 2.3 cm thick.

A wide viewing angle makes it possible to view photos from the entire living room. On the Frameo’s internal memory, you can place more than 1000 photos.

It is also possible to import photos or make a backup with a micro SD card or USB stick. You place the Frameo both horizontally and vertically on a table with the included leg.

Application Frameo
We often take pictures that then remain on our smartphones without being viewed. This is while they are often nice enough to enjoy for a long time.

With Frameo you can relive the most beautiful moments. Give Frameo to Grandma and Grandpa, for example. Family members can download the app and regularly select photos to send to Frameo.

The link is made with a code, which the Frameo displays on the screen. This code can be shared with family members, who can then send photos via a secure connection.

It is possible to switch Frameo smart wifi digital photo frame on and off automatically at specific times. When the frame is turned off in this way, photos can still be added through the app. The display time of photos on the frame is adjustable from 10 seconds to a maximum of 30 minutes.

Available in black and brown-white
The Frameo smart wifi digital photo frame is available in black and brown-white. You are currently viewing the black version. The brown and white version can be found in the optional accessories.

The app is free to download for iOS and Android.

Included in delivery
1x Frameo smart wifi digital photo frame black
1x Power cable (1.8 meters)
1x stand
1x Manual
1x Packaging

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